Coffee Facts

Coffee:  Why This Is The Healthiest Beverage You Can Drink

               Excerpts from an article written by  Sanjiv Chopra, MD a physician, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School

Few people consider coffee a health drink. In fact, most people don’t even know how effective coffee appears to be in preventing a variety of very serious illnesses, or, when they learn the facts, they remain quite dubious. They ask incredulously, “You’re saying coffee is probably better for me than tea? Coffee really can reduce the risk of developing a number of common cancers? It can decrease the risk of developing gallstones and tooth decay? It decreases the risk of developing cirrhosis of the liver? It can even decrease the risk of developing dementia? Dr. Chopra, are you nuts?”

The facts are indisputable; coffee appears to offer a great variety of benefits, including substantial protection against liver cirrhosistype 2 diabetesheart diseaseParkinson’s diseasecognitive decline and dementiagallstonestooth decay, and a host of common cancers, including prostatecolonendometrial, and skin cancer. There also is a lower rate of suicide among coffee drinkers.

But perhaps the single most startling conclusion that has emerged from the more than 19,000 studies concerning the impact of coffee on health is that people who drink a lot of coffee appear to live longer than people who drink little or no coffee. That’s an incredible statement, but there are several good studies that support it.

Coffee is really good for you.  In fact, coffee actually may well be the healthiest beverage you can drink. – 

Why We Chose Organic

Organic coffee is arguably better than regular coffee because it is produced without potentially harmful and lethal chemicals.  Coffee grown without the use of pesticides and fertilizers assures the health of the soil, forests and the farmers.  This has a direct impact on the farmers and their families quality of life.  Their land should provide them with food for their families, water for drinking and a playground for their children.  Also, organic  coffee preserves more of the antioxidants present in coffee beans.  That’s why organic is the best option for your health!